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Finally… A Moment

WHEW! What a week! I haven’t said the “TGIF” statement in forever but I must say –today! Thank God that it is Friday.  Not only that but that I am finally home alone for a moment with just me.

House is quiet.

Weather is amazing.

Birds are chirping.

Got my ice coffee and a little bit of me with a whole lot of God in my midst.

I’m thankful… I love me some moments like this.  I was having a conversation in my car with God and just talked it out as I was driving home.  I didn’t even want to hear music.  I muted the volume in my car.  Windows rolled down.  It was just me and Him.  I talked out my choices, my life now, decisions I had to make and what it costs me.  MUCH! But I know that He is always going to find a way to balance out my life to the best of His ability and by me giving Him all that I have.  Every ounce.

Stalwart walks in step with God;
    his path blazed by God, he’s happy.
If he stumbles, he’s not down for long;
    God has a grip on his hand.
Psalm 37:23-24 The Message Translation

I guess I am going to have to walk in step with God that no matter where I find myself He is holding me so tight–through every thing and every day.  Good –bad –ugly –frustrated –chaos –busyness –overloads!!!

As long as my path is blazed by God I know I am always going to be happy.

Even in the busiest moments I must say that I know that He has a grip on my life.

I am going to keep on trusting Him on that.

Finally….In every moment. ❤

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