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We Journeyed

We are always so focused on what we didn’t do, what we don’t have; what we did do… things that went wrong or went south! Things we lost or things now gone.

What about the things that went right? The things we have that are good? Not everything is bad or so full of regret.

I could have!

I should have!

I didn’t get to!

All those thoughts running mad!

What about the moments I had YEAH GOOD & BAD! At least I had them! I had moments maybe even others wish they had. I had them. I experienced them. I celebrated them. We journeyed together on the times God brought us together!

We had them! I remember when God connected us again in 2015! It was AWESOME!!! It was not wonderful news that brought us to connect again but we did. Since then we stayed connected. We enjoyed what we had left. I think this is a whole book how and why….TBH! I will keep writing it all down every chance I get.

All I could say now is “THANK YOU GOD” because we captured a whole lot in the remaining 4 years rather than catching nothing! I’d have another stupid argument over nothingness again if it meant that I could have another moment…. but I had plenty of those. I had SOMETHING TO HOLD ON TO! Something to remember. Something to cherish.

So many laughs, good times and great times. We had them. We walked. We talked. We ate together. We painted together. We shopped together. Played games together. We read together and shared passages together. We wrote together. We danced together! We heard amazing music, watched movies, traveled together. We journeyed together and I am so happy about that. And I’m gonna KNOW!





This is where God truly steps in every time. We had SO MANY moments that we shared together the list goes on. Now you are dancing with Him; because He wanted you the MOST and needed you to see that ASAP okay!

So we journeyed my love, now it’s time you journey with Him in everlasting bliss! ♥️ You are gazing at the most beautiful being of all. Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace.

“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

A message from Rachel Hollis–we journeyed!


  1. Yes I agree 💯 Instead of focusing on Loss, focusing rather on what was gained, what was learned, what was shared, and what one still has! God truly does provides beauty for ashes! Let the memories serve to strengthen and remind us of time shared. Moreover, let is learn to continually be more intentional with our time in sharing with God in prayer and with our loved ones! GBU Pastora Cristina!


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