The Journey

the-journeyDid you ever ask yourself this question when you were facing a serious situation in your life, “How long, Lord?”  We actually begin to wonder how long is the “how long” stage?  How long does the grieving continue? When does the pain go away? When does the healing really take place? When do the tears actually stop?  When will the victory come?  When will I get over this?  When will I break free from this addiction? When will I get this job?  When will I move from here?  When will I get married?  When will I experience victory in my marriage? There could be so many different types of questions that someone could struggle with at a time.   At least we know through the scriptures a documented case where a man accurately cried this out as well and we can learn from it.Continue reading “The Journey”

The God Who Sees

GodSeesShe gave this name {Ishmael} to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” 1 Genesis 16:13.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like no one saw you?  A place where you no longer think you have a friend left in the world.  It is a place where you have to make life altering decisions on your own when there is no one else left around.  This was Hagar in the book of Genesis.  She had a difficult life from the beginning as a slave girl.  Then comes a day that she is told to go sleep with her “bosses” husband!  Imagine the look on her face at that moment.  Her heart must have caved in.  She had absolutely no say in the matter.  She had nowhere to go and nowhere to turn.  Reluctantly she obeys and ends up pregnant.  Poor Hagar!  For the first time that she meets a man it is not even one that she loves.   Then to make matters worse she becomes hated for bearing this child and gets mistreated.  What did Hagar do wrong?  Absolutely nothing!  She just obeyed her orders, done her due diligence and then suffers for it.  How many of us been in this situation.  A lot of us end up in places where we have to submit to the very thing that is actually crushing us.  At this point in life we could all use a friend.  Someone to help us and support us along the way. Continue reading “The God Who Sees”

Room For Redemption


I remember walking in my counselor’s office broken, tattered and torn.  I was in a dark place and I told him that.  He listened to me share a lot of things I have done, many of which I was not proud of and suffering for.  I will never forget any of the words that he said to me especially on that day.  I was having a hard time coping with life, situations and everything inside me was in turmoil.
This is what he said:

Control your feelings
But don’t deny them
You are human
Give yourself room for redemption
Because we ALL need it!

I walked out of that room feeling like such a weight was lifted off my chest.  That was in December of 2013.  Sometimes we forget what Jesus Christ did for all humanity.  He died for ALL our sins which will encompass past, present and future.  He took our burdens to the cross and our sickness and shame.  Isn’t that what the word declares?  That is why Jesus said on the cross “It is finished” in John 19:30.  As humans, we always see from a human perspective and not from a spiritual and biblical perspective.  God sent His one and only Son for this purpose.  Continue reading “Room For Redemption”

The Silent Prayer Works

A-Prayer-For-YouI love the life of Hannah in the book of 1 Samuel chapter one. You can reference this in verses 1-19, with a title, “Hannah Pours Out Her Heart to God”, in The Message Translation.  In this passage Elkanah has two wives, Hannah and Peninnah.  This becomes a story of rivalry where Hannah has no children and Peninnah has many.

I believe Hannah has such an amazing story that so many of us can relate to.  She has a prayer that all of us have prayed.  For some this is a prayer that they know often which is called “the silent prayer.”  That is the kind of prayer where there is such an anguish of soul that you really have no words to say but only a sound coming from you as a harmonious cry to God’s ears.  It is the type of prayer where you think you are not even heard and that is why you are crying all the more.  But I love how Hannah, this woman of God, makes such a decision for a turning point in her life. Continue reading “The Silent Prayer Works”