Christina Cruz-Mendez
Implementation Consultant

Expertise in the design, execution and operational improvement of projects, tools and systems for small or large businesses.

Possess over 25 years of administrative and project management experience with a strong background of Human Resource Management skills.

Integral participant of strategic planning committees that created and developed new systems and process improvement.

Strong project management skills in a demonstration of leadership in an academic work environment.

Ability to identify opportunities for growth and subsequently taking a leadership role in exploring new ideas for business process analysis and completing implementation.

Proven experience in applying well developed problem solving skills such as quantitative, conceptual and analytical skills.

Comfortable with significant client interaction and interest in building and maintaining relationships with business partners through duration of pre and post launch of projects and systems.

Strong interest in and passion for coaching and mentoring others to utilize new implemented processes, tools and systems.

Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, both verbally and in writing of business proposals, timeline mapping and implementation specification documents.

Partner with rapidly growing services and companies to obtain buy in from major stakeholders and execute company vision. Provide continuous, distinctive support to clients to ensure they achieve and sustain the full benefits of new implemented tools and systems.

As a lead implementation consultant, will be heavily involved from opening strategy through final execution with a disciplined eye on impact and sustainability at every stage of the project life-cycle.

Partner with clients to develop a strong team in business operations and practices.

Partner with teams, colleagues and clients to build the capabilities, systems, and processes needed to deliver bottom-line results and ensure those results will be sustained.

Manage projects and progress, including tracking metrics, handling complex analyses, and preparing communications to report back to client and internal leadership.

Develop practical recommendations and contribute to team discussions on implications of analysis; identifying implementation challenges and progressions.

As part of implementation tasks, will include facilitating working sessions with front-line workers and managers, connecting with and motivating the client team, or developing skills of business or client team members when appropriate through coaching.

Gather feedback from team members to further develop current skills to strive for personal and professional efficiency and the most excellent company success and employee success.

Professional and amicable team player that strives to execute employee engagement during project implementation and completion.

Demonstration of leadership, integrity, sharp analytical mindset, creativity, and the ability to work with people across all levels of an organization.

My project management expertise is about coaching others to achieve success in implementing new approaches and delivering lasting results.

Comfortable with travel to deploy projects and readily available to work remotely.



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