God Bless you!

Today I am taking a leap of faith! I have recently received an offer to publish with a large and well known publishing company which will include my material on their websites, Barnes & Nobles and Amazon!  With this, I am seeking JC4 partners to help me launch out my new project titled, “I Will Rise Above Adversity: Where Declaration Becomes Destiny!”  

This particular writing piece is a dedication to the Mendez family in honor of the late Pastor Tony Mendez.  In this book includes a tribute to our dear brother Antonio Juan Mendez.  What an honor to have him in our lives and leave such a powerful legacy behind. ❤ Our family will continue to grab the baton and run the race!

I invite you to help the work of this project as well as other upcoming writing projects that I plan to push out to the public.  I have been writing since I was a young girl.  It has been my life passion and now I fully understand it to be a calling and a ministry that God has given me.

Here you can give a donation to this writing ministry as I continue to push out the deep writings that God placed upon my heart to share with the world.

With your generous donation and partnership this will include a free copy of this new book that I launch along with weekly inspirational writings when you sign up here: Connect

For great contributors, you will receive a lifetime free copy of any book that I launch as a faithful partner with JusChrist4.  I encourage you to partner with this vision of Christian inspiration through profound and intimate writings.  I will also join with you in your vision as we pray to push out God’s Kingdom business.

In His Name.

With Love and All Sincerity.

~Christina Cruz-Mendez

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