Second Sunday in January

We have reached the second Sunday in January of 2020. To many –we are already making our way right in the new decade. To others (like my family) it is a reminder of what happened in just the second Sunday of 2019.

What I would like to do is celebrate a life.

Rose Marie Soto! It has been 365 days since you are gone but I want the world to know what a vibrant life looks like. I am going to share wonderful pictures and memories that made us —US! We argued, we laughed, we cried, we fought, we sang, we danced, we walked, we swam, we traveled, we cooked, we ate, we drank, we painted, we played, we worshiped, we wrote, we read, we sat, we hugged, we loved, we’re cuzins!

I will never forget your laugh. Never forget the way that you were. I will be thankful that the time that I had we did what we could. It was ours. It was a gift. ❤

What else can I say but not just the second Sunday in January but every day since…

I miss you more.

~Always Remembered 🌹

What Letting Go Looks Like In 2020

I am reading a RESET the Mindset devotional and one thing that struck out as we embark on 2020… that the whole process of letting go begins with controlling the thoughts!

“Every day is a new day. We get a new set of hours to live the lives that will bring glory to God and joy to our souls. We just have to recognize that and wake up with a newfound determination to be the boss of our thoughts, not the other way around.”
Reset Your Mind: Overhauling Toxic Thoughts
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Accompanied Scripture:
“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”
2 Corinthians 10:5 NIV

So holding onto things is an argument going on in the mind. It is repeating thoughts and constant rumination. On what? All the things we should be letting go of if we want to have a real reset and successful plunge into the new year. It means old thoughts are replaced with new ones, old plans are replaced with new ones, old relationships are replaced with new ones, old assignments are replaced with new ones, old ways are replaced with new ways and the old approach is replaced with a new approach. This is the reset.

So I could have done or continue to do the things I always do or just change it. I went into the new year LETTING GO! That was my mindset to reset. I went to a new town, new church, new environment… new everything! But the most profound thing I did as I stood in the violent shouts 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….. was leave my hands open the whole time as I told God, “I am letting go and letting you!”

A great start to a new mindset for 2020. Christina has to LET GO FOR REAL! It’s now or never…. He knows what I mean. Especially when I cant always control the situations of life precisely how I want. Only He can.

This is what letting go looks like for me in 2020. As it is not supposed to make sense to all, it makes sense to me. Stop holding on to the things that take WAY TOO MUCH away from who I am and what I am really called to do. #letgoin2020 #resetthemindset

Happy New Year 2020

What can I say for “Happy New Year 2020”.  Many will say vision — many will mention goals.

Today I encourage you to continue to grow. Grow yourself, grow others and grow your environment.  Strive to make an impact.  Be an encourager.  Stay focused and stay the course that God has for you. John C. Maxwell says in “Leader Shift”, “We have to become the best leader we can be (if that is what we are called to) and make the greatest impact.”  This is what I want to do for 2020.

We know there is work ahead of us and a price to be paid in order to achieve excellence.

“Strength & Growth come through continuous effort & struggle.”
Napoleon Hill

My 2020 Manifesto goes like this:

  • Where to next?
  • Prove them wrong!
  • You got this, girl.
  • Just make it happen.
  • I can & I will!

That’s what it looks like for me. As Jon Gordon says, “it is where you place your attention and intention!”

Time to make adequate and visible changes for the new year ahead of us.  It is promising and filled with so much possibility and success.  I am just quickly jumping on to drop a note to all my fellow readers, followers, ministry workers, professionals, family and friends — may you have the BEST year ahead. May it be filled with much laughter and love.  Go after your dreams! Don’t hesitate as we CLEARLY see that life is just moving oh so fast for us all!

Welcome 2020 and be blessed all. Happy New Year!

“And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.”
2 Corinthians 3:18

With love,


Nothings Normal

There is nothing normal about my days anymore. Every day is absolutely different in every way. From the time I wake, to the time I commute, running to catch a scheduled yet random quick train, walking through the crowds and landing at the building –it is different. There is nothing normal about it! The people are different, the crowd is different, there are international people here, diversity everywhere and a crazy community of lively people moving about. I find it hard to fit in anywhere yet. I am just being me–the simple me. Then that’s too simple. The one in the Hardin Scott boots. Simple sweaters, jeans when I can. Light eyed makeup, never any lipstick. Short hair, don’t care.

The one that rejoices and is overly soothed when I purchase a new book. The one that loves to have a nice cup of cocoa with an overwhelming amount of marshmallows or perhaps a cup of chai tea –grande –only three pumps of chai! Yeah that part of me. Simple! Nothing extravagant, nothing elegant about me, just a book worm looking to be busy making a difference somehow and someway.

Life’s different. But I know what I heard on the depth of me –get used to this. Your new normal is that nothing will be normal about it! On the inside I felt so much fear and faith at the same time. I was anxious and excited all at once. I tried to drown out every thought of doubt and didn’t want to feed it. Even as the thoughts were raging and colliding with my faith to move forward. I had to step out and I had to step beyond the norm and beyond the ways of chaos so that I can truly find some something new for my purpose.

How many times I sat screaming at God–screaming at my circumstances. Can I be real about that? Just so frustrating and upsetting for me at times. I would even have to still battle that out as I move forward. It’s everywhere. But I think overall that He would want me to be successful and that He has called me to be significant!

“Now more than ever it is a time for action. It is a time for getting things done. It is a time to tune out the distractions and the noise from the doomsayers and the naysayers and focus on what truly matters and what truly will help you create success.”
~Stay Positive by Jon Gordon and Daniel Decker

See –now is the time. This time causes me to step out everyday even if I feel like I am not seeing all the results I can feel the progress as I go through the process. I. Am. Growing.

Especially now that I found the simplest things right here on my block to help me also during the journey! So awesome.

“God has something great for you but YOU MUST TAKE ACTION with faith and go through a battle to seize it. It’s never going to be easy. It’s not supposed to be. The struggle builds your character, fosters humility, and develops your strength and makes you appreciate the JOURNEY!

That is the journey that I am on –where I will find ALL THINGS AS NOTHING NORMAL!!!

And now I am out and about enjoying my Fri-Yay! Enjoying a new pace to start my weekend vibes. Family time. Loving life. Loving the laughter. Loving to let go so I can let God be God!!

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”
Hebrews 11:1 NIV