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Second Sunday in January

We have reached the second Sunday in January of 2020. To many –we are already making our way right in the new decade. To others (like my family) it is a reminder of what happened in just the second Sunday of 2019.

What I would like to do is celebrate a life.

Rose Marie Soto! It has been 365 days since you are gone but I want the world to know what a vibrant life looks like. I am going to share wonderful pictures and memories that made us —US! We argued, we laughed, we cried, we fought, we sang, we danced, we walked, we swam, we traveled, we cooked, we ate, we drank, we painted, we played, we worshiped, we wrote, we read, we sat, we hugged, we loved, we’re cuzins!

I will never forget your laugh. Never forget the way that you were. I will be thankful that the time that I had we did what we could. It was ours. It was a gift. ❤

What else can I say but not just the second Sunday in January but every day since…

I miss you more.

~Always Remembered 🌹

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