JusChrist4 is a writing ministry.  Here includes pieces from the books, “Rebuilt: Beginning The Ending” and Rise Above Adversity“.

I normally work to populate on this site inspiring, encouraging and faith-based blog pieces. When God gives it, I will write it. Topics include life circumstances for building and equipping the body of Christ and those that seek to have an encounter or knowledge of who God is.  I speak, I share, I stretch myself to do all that God has for me in ministry and life.

The ministry that I live by is alongside my husband, lead pastor and life partner Apostle Juan Mendez at Mission United International Church. We are located in Yonkers NY that consists of a diverse body of individuals. We believe in the power of redemption through Jesus Christ. We believe we are called to preach the gospel and spread the good news internationally, nationally and locally.  We believe that God has called us to attract a diverse population of individuals. We believe that through radical worship and consistent delivery of the Word of God that these lives will be ignited so that the can fully engage in their unique purpose.  We believe that God called us to an activation center to prepare and equip souls so that they can be released into the ministry that God has assigned to them.

We teach.

We travel.

We transform.

We are transparent.

We are called to change the paradigm shift!

We will not conform to the norm!

We are called to be different.  As imperfect vessels that we all are, we rely upon the ONLY source that can take us through it all and that is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

We are thankful to God and give Him all the glory for all that He has done.

We are MUI. So let’s connect!

With Love,

~Pastor Christina Cruz-Mendez

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