To make (something) new, fresh, or strong again; to make (a promise, vow, etc.) again; to begin (something) again especially with more force or enthusiasm.

I love this description–because it is exactly what I need in my

profile2jc4A NEW found relationship in God. I think in everything I have been through, I never realized how much HE mattered and how much that I matter to Him!

I know that a lot of times I write, speak…share and it very personal. Very real. Maybe too much info! But it is so necessary to share the good things in life. They would never have been this good having passed through some horrible times.

But I survived. WE survived.  I have been renewed. If these pieces that I passed through will help some others in need then –HEY! Let’s share this and walk together because alone is just an illusion.Especially when He himself has said, I will never leave you nor forsake you in Hebrews 13:5.

Here is an excerpt from “Rebuilt: Beginning the Ending

Sometimes you have to begin with a blank document. In all of that, we never know what to do. But this is exactly the place that God wants us. For in this place it gives Him full rights, full access and full permission to do what He does best! In all my life, I needed control. Why? Because I lost control at a very early age in life. A broken family and a broken home only became a broken me. So I worked really hard at building ME! A part that would try to be inhumane. A part that would resist all humanity. A part that would protect myself. But all of this doesn’t even make sense to what God does in life.

Even in coming to God I didn’t see all of this. I didn’t understand that He was the maker. the taker and the breaker… so that He could do the building and not me! That God would be the one to put in place piece by piece all things by His will and according to His perfect plan.
My plans failed…ALWAYS!

But His plans for my life have prevailed. And I gave in. 100% at all costs. Now I know for sure that this life was never my own. So here I am today, “beginning the ending” of what was the perfect storm and the perfect mess of a life so that God could get the glory. I made too many mistakes. And people reading this will be ashamed, upset, embarrassed, hurt, angry and frustrated with the decisions I MADE! Yes, I felt all of that too, believe me…But what I did find was a God that would renew, restore and rebuild a better me. His grace took away my shame. His stripes have bared all my pain. His blood was shed for my sin. And the veil was torn in two for my behalf. I have been brought near and have crossed over. I am not ashamed. I walk with my head held high because when I fell several times, God pulled me up.

I cheated on my God! I cheated on my husband! I cheated on my family! I cheated at everything that was ever handed down to me. I always wanted to do what was best for me and not for others. Yet everything I did just made me the biggest failure. Until God said to me in every way, “THIS MUST COME TO AN END!” I needed God to help me. I needed God to rescue me.

This was “beginning the ending” of my own life. Now it is a life that I live fully surrendered. What a difficult task to keep denying myself, but as I continued to see things fall into place the right way, then joy replaced my pain, tears were replaced with laughter and all fear was replaced with love.
Beyond recovery is the life that I live now. It took a lot to get here. But I am here. I love it. And most importantly this lowly woman has been made free indeed. I celebrate the victory that God has done in my life. When the enemy tries to strike me, I go to the one source that I had previously neglected… GOD!

That is more than enough for me.

Thank You God. For You are my support. Thank You for Your love! Thank You for Your covering.
Without any of that, I would still be nothing. But You saw me when no one else would… ETERNALLY grateful I am. So that is why I write these words. To give YOU the glory.
In this book you will find a series of writings that were the “beginning of my ending.” The old Christina died so that Christ in me could live. I am a brand new creature in Christ. A whole new Christina.

Set free and delivered.

“Old things are passed away; 
behold, all things are become NEW…”

2 Corinthians 5:17 (King James Version)

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