I am so thankful to all those that will partake of the major milestone movements in my life. It is what drove me to create this site, what drove me to make a change and what drove me right into a firm place in the presence of God. It also drives me to KEEP MOVING FORWARD and doing what I do for Jesus.  For what God has been doing behind the scenes in my life has been opening those curtains and to Him be all the glory!

I am super thankful to have Him shine a light through me. Even if it is a one wick candle–its LIT!

My prayer is that you will be blessed by the words comprised in these books and materials.

A special shout out to Grace House Publishing, Threads 4 Heads in NJ, my family, friends, church and editors for carefully helping me get through the time that it takes to get this work accomplished. Love you tremendously.

I thank God for making me REBUILT and helping me to RISE so that I could share it with the world.

Stay tuned for my next writing called, “REST: The Kind that God does!”

With Love,
Christina Cruz-Mendez

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