New Book Launch

Seasons of Rest: Finding Your Breakthrough in the Big Pauses of Life

Seasons of REST is a devotional book of 46 writings to encourage and remind others on how to maximize and leverage each new season that they find themselves in. This book is driven from Psalm 46 that reminds us that God is our refuge and a very present help in our time of need. In life, it is not always easy to handle one transition to the next. We all experience hardships, setbacks, obstacles and resets that take us off course. WE become uncertain and uneasy when we don’t have a handle of the various changes in each season. However, this book serves as a purpose to help inspire you in each season. To help you keep steady and strong knowing that God is our source through it all.

I pray that this book brings insight, comfort and peace for the season that you are in now. May your journey have the clarity and fulfillment that it needs as we learn to decorate our seasons, enjoy and embrace what God is doing and understand what our purpose is.

Thank you for investing in further inspiration by picking up this book. I do hope that it will help you in your transitions and seasons of life.

How to Purchase
  • Visit Amazon to download on Kindle or Ship hard copy to your home address!
  • Contact me for any speaking engagements on new book release!

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