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Running on Empty

holding-onI know you are running on empty but just HOLD ON! I know your heart hurts. I know you feel the weight of LIFE. I know that you are the woman at the well…I know you are the woman called Hagar that feels like she has to run…I know that you are the woman like Hannah that has a silent cry and a silent prayer that no one else knows BUT God. I know you feel like David running in the wilderness or Moses in the dessert. I know that you see the victory of many and are wondering why your day is taking long to arrive…and not only is it taking long but worse things are happening in the interim…i know that you are smiling but deep down you are not content. I know that you are laughing but deep down you feel sorrow…I know people say that you are strong and you got this but deep down you feel weak! I know that you feel like everything is really stripped away and that all TOO many times your hanging on by a limb. Continue reading