To The Family

Family is First! A Christ Centered Home!

Family is important to God, it is important for the Kingdom of God, and it is important for all of God’s purposes.

God has always wanted to use the family, so He instituted in his perfect plan, even before establishing the Church. However, the family has been deteriorating day by day.

This situation is extremely serious. The family is the nucleus [a central part about which other parts are grouped or gathered; core] of society, and if society is not made up of strong families, society cannot be stable and will encounter serious problems. The problem of the family is not only incumbent upon the government and society, but a situation that directly affects the church. God instituted the family to be the model and example for the Church and for society. Churches and strong families form strong partnerships. Family’s united and cohesive societies are churches, etc.

Your family is a priority for God!

The first ministry is family! Not church ministry—too many lose focus on this and neglect their first priorities.  We are essentially acting as “pastors” in our homes and our first “members” are our loved ones—spouse, kids, siblings, parents, etc. This responsibility lies with you! You have to build it and cultivate it. Not the church, society and school first but you. This has its part but depending on how you do yours – this is the next impact.

Although we know from experience that there are no perfect families. Because the family is composed of human beings, people like you and me, since we are not perfect, we cannot wait to have a family, a church or a perfect society. Thanks to Jesus Christ for His great love and mercy toward us who rescued me from sin, death and even ourselves. We can make our families balanced, healthy and wholesome. God then places His perfection on our imperfections.

1 Timothy 5:8
“If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

We must do everything we can to make our family reflect Christ. Our spouses, our children, and family, they have to be first, to benefit from our good reputation. We must ensure that they can see Christ in us. In our homes, marriages, children, ethics! There are many good qualities of a healthy family.
Below are 7 keys:

1. A Healthy Family is Committed

2. A Healthy Family Loves, Appreciates and Values

3. A Healthy Family Communicates 

4. A Healthy Family Invests Time Together 

5. A Healthy Family Solves Problems

6. A Healthy Family Cultivates their Spiritual Life

7. A Healthy Family Makes the Right Decisions

For more notes comprised of by Rev. Mina Rivera & Christina Cruz-Mendez, please read the Family First blog.

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