Social Destruction

social-media-imageBeing a friend with someone on social media does not mean you are “friends” in real life. Or having followers. Maybe we just call this “people we are acquainted with”.  In many cases I have come to think that I would rather you unfollow me on social media and just follow Jesus! Social media should not be the governing factor of relationships but we in society have made it such. People see pictures and then if they are not in them they get mad, upset, frustrated and sad. They start to construe things in their mind and feed it. The end result, it causes more unnecessary problems. These problems then end up becoming a heart issue that the bible speaks about.

 “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”  Proverbs 4:23

Why do we place such a high standard on our lives based on social media? If we are not friends on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, this doesn’t mean the case for real life.

Sometimes we are MORE concerned with what people think and feel based on status quo and pictures rather than real life communication.
It’s nice to text someone personally. My real friends do that.
It’s nice to get a call personally. My real friends do that.
It’s also nice to spend real quality time with a person and not just live off of photobombs. My real friends do that.
We give so much attention to the media.
We seek the media first.
We check the pulse of people hour by hour and minute by minute.
Is that more than our real time with family and friends? Is it more than our time with God?
This is the first thing we touch in the morning – the social media icons.
F_icon.svginstagramdownload (1)
So now the icon has become our idol. We become a slave to it. We become all so consumed about who is doing what and with who! Or how many likes did I get? Why did they like his photo and not mine? You see the struggle…we allow social media to be the source of our strength, joy, happiness, inspiration and mood! God’s Word should be our source of everything …not a FB post! Imagine how much better we would be if we spent the time using this as our icon to start our day… the

Here is an article of how social media can destroy lives from Christian post:

Social media allows you to be the center of your own universe. If you’re not careful, you’ll actually begin to believe that the world revolves around you – that people are just waiting with baited breath for your next status update. There’s a reason why “selfie” was the big word of 2013. This is not at all to say that letting your personality shine through your social networks is all bad. But if you struggle with egotism or self-centeredness to begin with, social media can provide the stage for excess.

Social media provides a dangerous (and false) sense of anonymity. Everything is public. Privacy is an illusion. Facebook is a stalker’s dream. These are warnings I issue over and over to people who believe they are being anonymous online, and I speak as one who is an open book online. But I’m careful. While transparency is certainly a value of our current culture, and it’s well warranted, too much transparency can get you into serious trouble.

Social media allows us to vent our feelings without a filter. I cringe whenever a Christian leader says anything controversial online. I know what’s coming. A barrage of criticism from people who may indeed be right in their assessment, but wrong in their approach. The disunity of the church has never been on display more than in our current age when everyone is a publisher.

The problem is, because we speak from behind the thin veil of a screen, we disconnect a person’s words from the context of their life. We pounce without understanding the heart, the motives, or the real life story of the one whom we are castigating. And when everyone voices an opinion about everything that is major news, the world sometimes sees the worst side of who we are. It is by our oneness that the world will know we are followers of Jesus, but social media can fuel division and put it on display.

Social media can distract us from what matters even more. What matters more than our presence in the digital space? Our physical, mental, and emotional presence with those whom we love. Social media will direct our attention to conversations happening elsewhere and distract us from the conversations happening right around us. How many times do we see tables full of family members, each in their own world with a smartphone? And how often do we “just check Facebook for a second” while our kids are playing a dozen feet from us? Sometimes we just need to check in instead of “checking in.”

The problem isn’t really social media. It’s our humanness. But social media, with all of its power for good, can provide a pretty great outlet for some of our worst human habits…

With that being said, I am going to definitely make some quick social and social media adjustments for the better. We live and we learn. We have to be watchful and careful. There is a point where we have to understand this and curb what we share publicly and what we need to keep privately. It is just so horrible how we have to withhold things because someone is just going to get upset about it. Who’s issue or fault is that? That your picture becomes their downfall. With that happy picture or post–people get angry. It makes no sense. This just has a lot to do with deep seated inner issues that have to be dealt with. That person needs to get before the face of Jesus. We have all been there on things that upset or hurt us.

Why continue to hurt people with your life! As silly as it sounds, how true this fact remains that many use things against you or find an offense in who and what your time is spent on. Again, if it is them in it, they are happy but if they are not it is a whole different problem… The sad fact remains that this happens more so in our Christian community! People are hurt and offended. PLEASE DON’T BE! Don’t allow how many likes you get or how many followers or Facebook friends to affect your heart. Release yourself from this unnecessary pain. I am not going to allow myself to become angry, mad, upset or frustrated if Cathy keeps putting up photos with Suzie! What if Cathy and Suzie have a great relationship? Should I be one to despise that. David and Jonathan were GREAT friends in such a short time, that when they had to separate – these men cried [1 Samuel 20:41] like babies! They had a relationship that they developed.

Even Jesus had a closer relationship with 3 out of the 12. There was something exceptional that He saw in them and needed to impart in them as part of ministry preparation. The other 9 didn’t fret. It is a common law to man – where others will gravitate to others based on purpose, experience and personality. We have to come to a point where we truly grow in this area. We have to ask the Holy Spirit to release this form of resentment, anger and bitterness from our hearts –else we will grow sick from it and not have anything around us as wholesome. In the end, we end up hurt and alone and that is not what God wants for us. He wants us to walk in His grace, in peace and in joy.

This concept has such a depth to it from the Holy Scriptures as it states twice to the church of Corinth.

“All things are lawful for me,” but not all things are beneficial. “All things are lawful for me,” but I will not be dominated by anything. 1 Corinthians 6:12

“All things are lawful,” but not all things are beneficial. “All things are lawful,” but not all things build up. 1 Corinthians 10:23 NIRV

Not all things are going to benefit us. We cannot allow the social media news to dominate and destroy us. If it is not going to be used to build…then why use it at all? It can end up becoming our social destruction if we are not mindful. I think the most important thing is not how we treat each other or friend each other for the social media audience– that’s entertainment– but that we know how to treat each other in real up close and personal life….for that is what matters most. The time I have apart from any picture is the time I hold and value the most.


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