img_5033God bless you sisters!

Thinking and praying for you all including myself. It was a rough year but 16 is gone and I am here trying to ‘Move Forward’ for 2017 in every way; God willing!!! I know He wants more from us. I took a lot of time off and backed away from the social side for many reasons. It’s just plain political. I love it sure at times. It is a powerful tool but it can also be a powerful stool to bring someone down!

I have really been tossing and turning of what sisterhood is all about… so many people are gone now. But I get it. Whoever is there now must be. Everything changes as time passes. I find myself questioning what truth is. Family. Faith. Friendship.

At the end of the day, we are ALL going to be flesh beings. I am never going to be the perfect sister, wife, mother, friend, worker and more…. the lists go on. I know I failed you all by imperfections. But I know who will be perfect for us all.

G O D!

And it is time to draw near. I want to draw near to Him. Share goals with the symbiotic type relationships. Share prayer. Share our ups, downs and all that good stuff with a remnant of sisterhood that will remain.

Anything toxic we must disconnect from. As for me, I am guarding this heart of mine. I don’t want to put myself in a place where I am prey. I should know better by now.

I recommend that book, “Moving Forward” by John Siebeling to you all. Get it. By the time I hit the intro and chapter one it smacked my humanity in the face. Thank God we have a Savior.

But here is what I do wanna say… I want to be a better version of me. I am sorry to all that I have offended, upset or frustrated by my way of being. I do know I need to continue to seek growth!

Attitude is everything.

Sisterhood is something.


Let’s press through the mess and send a message that says this… be your own kind of beautiful!

“Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peaceful.” Proverbs 3:17

I aim that arrow to love you. The uncut, fully flawed way, that falls yet gets back up again. God does it to perfection! ❤️

About Christina

Blessings to all that are viewing this. My name is Christina Cruz-Mendez. I am a Senior Pastor at Mission United International Church in Yonkers, NY working along side my husband Juan A. Mendez Jr. Senior Pastor, currently residing in Canton, Georgia. We have been together for 29 years with 2 children that God has blessed us with. Makes us the family of four - "JusChrist4". I have been a Christian and active in ministry for about 22 years now. Through all the rocky and smooth roads in life I am eternally grateful that God has brought me this far in life to share with the world what He is doing in me, through me and for me. View all posts by Christina

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