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40 Days Left

Wow–thanks to Pastor Edward Ramirez for such a revelation to close out the year of 2017!

“I have come that they may have LIFE and have it to the FULL.”
John 10:10

My prayer for the day; My prayer for the journey….

Dear God, THANK YOU, for my life, my love, my family and friends. Thank you for keeping me in the midst of a very difficult year. You held it down! You managed to still do so much with me and for others.  I saw smiles in the midst of massive tears.  I heard laughter in the midst of agonizing pain. Thank you because none of us lost our minds in the madness but we found miracles in it.  We saw your hand literally over the face of our family embracing us in the chaos.  You were there just as the Word declares…

“Even there Your hand shall lead me, and Your right hand shall hold me.”
Psalm 139:10

You’re just amazing God because we still have life when we faced death.
We saw light in the midst of darkness.
We see a way in the midst of the deepest valleys.
Your power and glory are there!

So apart from the gratitude here is the simple request that I bring to you in prayer.  May You continue to shower healing and great health over the Mendez family, Arvelo family, Ramirez family, Cruz family, Rivera family and the many more families that I am connected to both in the natural and in the Kingdom! We love you and trust you. This is our year for greatness! Why? Because You were there through the most daunting experiences and You are still here now.  May the family LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE well.  Let the smiles be radiant and thankful hearts rejoice in this holiday season.  Make it happen –because You will always be the God of the impossible. Amen and Amen.

This is our time to emerge!

With Love,



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