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The 1 Train By Yarina Orellana

A powerful testimony by one of my daughters in Christ. I am so thankful and grateful for her story. She really survived in every way and taught us how to rise above the storm. So many people I know go through the most pressing situations…but they get back up. To the many warriors that have overcame such a tragic and triumphant year of seventeen. This was our year for total victory.

MUI Women

I got on this train (cancer) with very few passengers heading in the same direction as I.
The train instantly went underground into the deep, dark tunnels.
As the Journey continued you would expect the train to get extremely packed, but not many hopped on.
As time went on, the train slowly cleared out;
the flickering lights (darkest moments) startled some passengers so they departed secretly;
the bright chance of freedom seemed like relief.
They were scared of the uncertainty of this dark Journey and where it would take them.
As the train went deeper underground the air compressed, which made other passengers uncomfortable.
I myself was afraid not knowing how long this ride would be and what derails may occur, throughout the journey I experienced a void (abandonment, loneliness, depression & anxiety) mainly because the ones I expected to accompany me through this journey refused to aboard the train…

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