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Eight One

Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people.
Philemon 1:7

Love ❤

How sweet that is.


That’s wonderful.


We all need that–just because!

Today is 8/1/18 — “Eight One” and it is not as much as a significant day for me as it is for others.  But today I got surprised with a GIFT! That brought me joy! Literally. I am unwrapping a gift and my first thought is, “It is not even my birthday but someone else’s and I get a gift!” How sweet.

I got a text today from a dear sister saying –“hey will you be home, I want to drop something off.” I am like, “SURE!” Halleluyerrrr, something new, something different LOL.

I get ready for a night walk and I get a gift. Super nice, super sweet and super me! YAY! How nice that is to get one of those “Just Because” tokens of appreciation when you don’t feel as appreciated. Oh man–can I be super honest.  It has been a rough seven months and now we get to 8/1 and I get a gift.  I can say thank you to that generous person but most importantly thank you to My God because He just knew I needed a little something.

I am trying to hang on –tooth and nail but it feels like everything I try to do right is coming out so wrong.  At home. Career wise. Church wise.  Health wise. Can I do something right?!? Can I get something right going for me… just this time around. Because the roller coasters are making me beyond nauseous.  They are making me numb! Numb to life and numb to love.  Numb to joy and numb to peace.  I don’t wanna stay in this place. I am just praying for some nice days–literally! Nice people. Nice attitudes. Nice atmospheres. Nice actions. Nice words. Something nice when my days have been nothing nice.

Today was nice.  It ended very nice.  Humid night with a brisk walk with a human soul to share a moment with –and a gift to bring some joy. All of this was “just because”.

Thank you …. I needed that.



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