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She Arrives

Greetings Ladies: since we have been on Craving Connections with so many deep dive discussions to get us to a better place in relationships, I want to share with you an excerpt from “Sparking Her Own Flame” by Pierre Alex Jeanty.

“Mourn the loss.
Let the rivers escape through your eyes as they wash down the memories.
Sadness will come in, but do NOT let it drive you down a dark road again –where happiness becomes a sign you passed miles ago and have yet to see again.
Let the burnt bridges become PATHS that will NEVER be walked upon again.
Let the hurt become scabs you never disturbed.
Mourning is a phase we will go through as we exist, but it’s never meant to be a place where we leave our soul hanging for too long!”

How powerful is that right — as women we tend to hold on to things for way too long. We are mothers by nature (kid or no kids) we are giving by nature, the sensitive rib that was taken from the man. We are intricate, intimate, innovative and deep inner beings that handle things to the degree of our love and experience.

This new month has arrived and half the year of the RESET quarantine has passed.  I will urge. Take in these next six months with a vigor in your soul. With a newfound zeal and tenacity. Embrace the DREAMS again –the heart that HOPES! This is where you have arrived! In the now… In THIS moment.

Never let a past experience kill what you saw as REAL! Be the amazing person that you are and take this time to celebrate your own personal life and growth.

You are amazing dear sister.  Uniquely and authentically designed to be all that God created you to be! You love well, now we love right. We don’t allow the hard challenges of life to destroy us. THEY BUILD US LADIES!

Use your scars as weapons, not shakes!

Do not allow your strength to become your trap!

With Love,



Worship Warriors

perry-grone-lbLgFFlADrY-unsplash.jpgPondering — Reflecting — Thinking! And it’s a whole new month at that! YAY!
Happy July everyone.  Today I want to share some great things about great people.

The spouse — children — partners and family in ministry that you don’t see as “casual friends” these are right relationships.  When you have them in the body of Christ we do appreciate them in more ways then what is spoken.

The enemy tries to say that is not our focus.  Then I see things differently and say “WOW — que mentiroso!!!”

We got Cassiandra Isabella — my sidekick — my daughter.  My little spitfire girl that is so like her dad, “I aint doin it!” She stands her ground in all that she believes and I honor that about her. She is ALWAYS bubbly when she comes in the morning or wherever she goes.  This past Sunday we heard her coming all the way from outside.  She is MAD loud 🙂 just like her mama but maybe a NOTCH up…. #JusSayin… we love it all.

We got David — my goodness! This guy! LOL just there I want to say AH HA HA! The energy –the humor –the joy.  I can always appreciate that.  He will make you laugh no matter what.  All around GREAT guy to be on a team with to hum and bum together. He takes risks. He tries his hardest with all his heart. When its no… its simply uhhhhh NO we ain’t doin it either! #Love&Laughter.

Our sister Janet! She is an odee secret agent spitfire! LML! She is super genuine and very loving!  She cares about team….she cares about worship.  She is always willing to try whatever and that makes it awesome! When she gives you the 100 –it feels like a 1000 because no matter what she experiences or when challenges come her way she will show up and put her gloves on! That’s pretty freaking amazing! #NeedMics

Our brother Rois! He has been with us for a minute! Super talented and super funny! He has been most helpful with us and VERY PATIENT!!! No matter what we throw at him–he will get it and try to make it work best for us.  We always have a great time together with him there.  When he responds 8 days later…it’s like we never lost touch! LOLLLLLLLL
We love this dude! #TwoPhones

So this is what our team looks like…. photo credits to our elite Jonathan Calderon!

Since the pandemic, we have had to adjust and find different ways to get into this mode. We may not be a full blown orchestra 🙂 but we are a team that will still try.  That tells us that we WILL get better at what we do in every way. The pic with David drinking water I was asking him if he can do the opening…. that response was priceless! He was like AH HA HA! Will try again next time!

How wonderful it is, how pleasant, for God’s people to live together in harmony!
Psalm 133:1 GNT

So I wanted to take a quick note to reflect and say — look at how far we have come.  You may not see it all the time but these captured moments above speak for themselves. We are different. We are growing.  We are each unique.  We bring our own flavor to the team.  We make it work.

Everyone is different –and so is every team.  Not everyone is perfect. This one — yes we are flawed.  But in our imperfections God places His loveliness over us.  He gives us the grace and the covering to be who we are.  This is the MUI Worship Warriors.  You will see them online every Sunday at 9:00 am FB live.

I am grateful for each of them.  Love them to pieces!



The Habit of Positive Thinking

Happy Wednesday!!! We are so excited summer is here. We get to spend more creative and innovative ways to enjoy or family, friends & fatherhood. Here are a few things I would like to encourage you all with:

Stay focused. Stay faithful. Stay purposeful and lastly… stay positive. Positive thinking is a habit.

Habit is defined from as:

  • an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary;
  • customary practice or use;
  • a particular practice, custom or usage;
  • a dominant or regular disposition or tendency; prevailing character or quality;
  • addiction.

Leaning to the positive aspect –we want to create healthy additions.  Healthy habits to improve ourselves in areas so that we can succeed in life.  We can succeed at home, in our relationships, our businesses and even our workplaces.  This positive information I received today from one of my colleagues and I quickly asked if I can “borrow” some of this for my women’s encouragement.

He reminded us with a weekly Positivity Highlight —


When building a habit, it helps to have a conducive environment, repetition/practice, and support from others. But starting any habit begins with a decision, a choice, a commitment to yourself.

Thankfully, we’ve helped each other develop our own positive-thinking habits right here! We may not express it out loud all the time, but we share positivity to support each other in several ways.

For us believers, it can be through our testimonies, scriptures, passages, quotes, appreciations, music, exercising and encouraging one another, studying together, sharing our successes and challenges, surprise birthday celebrations, time for holidays, special acknowledgements, listening to each other, and the list goes on.

What we practice becomes more permanent, so take every opportunity to practice gratitude, mindfulness, and positive thinking. It also helps us to create more deeper & meaningful relationships. Let’s honor and value the ones God gave us in every way.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up,
just as in fact you are doing.”

1 Thessalonians 5:11

So let’s make this a new habit for ourselves.  Let’s throw around the positivity like confetti.  We are in a new season.

Happy summer! As we continue to fight & come out of this pandemic! We are making the most of a whole new way of being with our thinking and living wholeheartedly. Enjoy today and enjoy this start to better weather. We all need it. ❤


With love,
Cruz-Mendez Chris

Father’s Day Reflections

untitled design
Life flows through honor.  This is a principle of acknowledging who people are that will position us to give them what they deserve and to receive the gift of who they are in our lives. It is being intentional with those placed over us in any capacity. Biological & spiritual.  This moment we are honoring the father’s…. 

I reached out to a few people for this celebratory day and asked the following: 

What are some of the things you love about your dad?

Here are the anonymous responses:

“He is a funny guy— has a sense of humor. I love his strength.  He goes hard for you, when he rocks with you he gives you 100. Even not being with mom, he always supported.”

“His giving heart.”

“I love his dedication to his family and work ethics.”

“He’s the most understanding person I know; big faith. And he knows when to take the lead but understands the importance of submission.”

“I can approach my dad as both my father and best friend. He has a good balance (for the most part) of when to be funny stupid & silly and when to be serious.”

“Selfless sacrifice, Always dependable; Responsible; Loving; Trustworthy; Committed; Man of his word. Those are some of the reasons why I love my dad. 🙂 “

“He’s cute, funny, caring, loving, a tough guy who will stand his ground with anyone and he’s still my protector. I’m such a daddy’s girl and he never tells me “no” lol. I still have him wrapped around my finger. He genuinely loves his kids and grand kids. He’s really good to my kids and loves them very much.”

“How funny he is; how he sings randomly. How he always speaks of God. How he cooks.”

“My dad is such a supportive person. Whenever I need him, he literally drops and will stop and runs to my rescue.”

“The way he always makes me feel safe like anything I ever do he will help me through and he has shown me how I would want my future kids dad to love act and treat me and my children.”


“His faith in me, how he’s never given up on me. His wisdom, our relationship that we have is very rare. I can talk to him about anything. I can even see him like a friend, a bro. He has given me opportunities of all the things he couldn’t have when he was my age. He is a very genuine person, good mix, honest, good balance, understanding. He doesn’t sugarcoat… appreciate his candidness. He is a softie at heart but doesn’t show it to all.”

“Love his influence on others. Love that he is very self motivated and consistent. When he has his eye on the prize he goes for it, I admire his resilience. How he always bounced back. Through different things he has faced. He always goes out his way to provide for us. Even if there was lack I never felt it. He never made us feel that. Every time he talks it’s something new, he is very outspoken he never sugarcoats anything, he is a good friend. He is very loyal… he is true to his word he doesn’t flake.

Past Tense:
“Sense of Humor.  He loved to feed people; Carpentry skills, his trade; Love for football… SENSE OF HUMOR!” Sibling 1
“I loved his sense of humor too. Loved that he loved me in his own way. He protected my faith. When I had him near he was very honest with me about me. Other things, he purposely kept from me to protect me. I understand that more now as I have grown.” Sibling 2

“The righteous man walks in his integrity;
His children are blessed after him.”

Proverbs 20:7 NKJV

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads!