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20 R I S E H I G H E R 20

“There’s got to be something inside you that doesn’t allow you to settle”. AjM


Take Risks


I am learning that every time you reach a milestone –there is another one just waiting that is even greater. To RISE is to take RISKS!

Rise Higher


“For the lovers of God may suffer adversity and stumble seven times,
but they will continue to rise over and over again.”
~ Proverbs 24:16 TPT

Keep Learning


2020 is going to be an exceptional year! We are in a new decade to make destiny happen!

Don’t underestimate the power of this moment.

J. C. Maxwell

Where to next? Prove them wrong! You got this, girl! Just make it happen! I can & I will.

If people have to wonder who you are, they don’t want to know who you are. ~Ameer Natson

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