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I would never know what REST is like until I got to this moment and this season right now. I jumped in. I took a leap and here I am. This has been one of the greatest seasons. Very excited to see and experience what God is doing in our lives.

This is what REST looks like. When you decide to jump in and take that cannonball leap into the next place that God has for you. This place is great. This place is exciting. This place is different. This place is peaceful. It is so much more LESS aggravating.

Does that make sense? Like a lot less of the aggravating things that take place and consume you. All it took was that one jump so that you can learn to walk in a whole new light.  That is how I feel in my current position now.  I took a huge leap when the moment presented itself.  Was I afraid? YES.  Did I have reservations and doubt? YES. Did I feel like staying the same? YES.  But I knew that remaining the same was going to cause me more pain in the end.  The pain of regret.  The pain of missing out on opportunity.  The pain of complacency and stagnancy.  The pain of being in a place where internally there was a lot more frustration going on.

These are the things we just never sign up for. And I am aware that there are things that we have to choose that are worth the fight–but what is MOST worth fighting for will always bring rewards, purpose and destiny.

In Acts 3:8 the bible tells about a man that had to jump all in. 
“With a leap he stood upright and began to walk; and he entered the temple with them, walking and leaping and praising God.”

He took a leap then stood upright and then he began to walk.  It was that one leap that made him stand tall and lead the way for more moments of leaping that we can call VICTORIES.  That is what it will take for you and I.  Even if discouragement tries to kick in.  All the fears and doubts of the world that rise up should actually make us rise higher so that we jump in well. 

2020 is bringing so many doors of opportunity for us.  Just as I had an evening to fellowship and network with some amazing people with celebrity chef Ameer Natson at “The Builders Dinner” this evening. What a great place to be in.  Not only exceptional food, but great company, positive vibes and normal people that are successful and inspiring!!! It made me want to do more.  This is why I know what resting is now.  Because I have the time to use wisely and get stuff done with all the excess weight of stress and chaos released from my primary source of livelihood.

The time is long overdue for us to continue to move forward and achieve greatness by just being simply us.  God has called us to greatness.  He has given us talents, gifts and abilities. We can soar. We can rise higher. We can do great things.  We are destined for success.  These are the things that are guaranteed for us when we jump all in and just be who we are–uniquely graced.  How amazing that is! 

Had I known… I would have jumped in sooner.  #supergrateful #thebuildersdinner #networkingevent #useyourgifts