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Cast Down The Argument

imageWe have to cast down every argument and begin to get in agreement with God.

Cast down the ARGUMENTS!

The enemy loves to debate in your mind…
And he will CONTINUE until YOU AGREE with his point of view …..
“Don’t go to church, they are hypocrites there… Don’t bother with that person they are fake…. Stay away from those people… Just go and have fun, life is short…why waste your time in church!”

But everyone is just like YOU… A human flawed vessel that needs God to BREAK and CHANGE you! To BREAK the yokes of bondage! Tears don’t change you. The Spirit of God changes you. Being broken will change you. It is time to BREAK the lies of the devil! You have to CANCEL out the lies that happen in your head that you feed and get in AGREEMENT with God and His point of view.

This is how He rebuilds you. He changes everything, how you think, how you feel, what you do, what you say and all your other priorities in life–that all changes.

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