Rebuilt: Beginning The Ending

Rebuilt: Beginning the Ending Why Rebuilt? What’s it about? Rebuilt is an inspirational piece comprised of 30 writings that help to build individuals back up. There are three sections in the book. 🔹Renew 🔹Restore 🔹Rebuild If you are someone that has experienced a major life event that was traumatic, painful, of significant loss or sufferingContinue reading “Rebuilt: Beginning The Ending”

Into The Deep Grace of God

I started out this morning on a Facebook live video for the first time sharing a quick reflection that the Lord placed in my heart. How much grace we have from God–it is a GIFT! You know sometimes people don’t accept gifts. They refuse, dislike, deny, re-gift or try to give them back to theContinue reading “Into The Deep Grace of God”

Cast Down The Argument

We have to cast down every argument and begin to get in agreement with God. Cast down the ARGUMENTS! The enemy loves to debate in your mind… And he will CONTINUE until YOU AGREE with his point of view ….. “Don’t go to church, they are hypocrites there… Don’t bother with that person they are fake…. StayContinue reading “Cast Down The Argument”