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The Starbucks Environment

imageI think everyone likes that Starbucks environment. If you like coffee, casual talk and the sound of voices. People with books, laptops and headphones. Listening to choice tunes or that which is playing from the Starbucks speakers. It is pleasant and always seems like a getaway type of spot. The strong scent of coffee and the sound of the espresso machine in full force, that is ideal for the coffee lover like me.

I love coming to Starbucks! It’s my random way of a mini-escape. I know that will make sense to those in my mindset or the average college study bug at least.

I write here. I read here or just look out the window and reflect. As thoughts run rampant I try to bring them to a serene place, so an environment like this certainly helps. Environment is key so I keep myself reflecting upon His word. Abide daily! Inhabit a place! Create an environment so that you are in that place of His presence. Continue reading