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There are destinations in life where there is really only one way to get there without having to go through an off trail.

Driving down a long yet necessary trip by myself to Ohio left a lot of time to reflect. I passed through many areas that were “Under Construction” and they do not close off the road. Even so they wait for the darkest hours to get the work on the road done… And still they do not close off the road. People have to pass through. It is necessary, this is the only way to go. It can be a bit inconvenient, slow, noisy, scary and rough, but we proceed with much precaution.

There are always signs all around us with warnings ahead even before we approach the working site. As we pass through the rough road it may be at a reduced speed but the fixing needs to occur for the great big plan of an improved road. For us… there is a great big plan that He has of an improved and healthy life!

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