When The Scale Doesn’t Budge

imageDon’t you really dislike those moments when you set a goal and the process to get there is so lengthy. You set that target weight and week after week you get on the scale and it doesn’t even budge. You sacrifice the cookies, cupcakes and steak and still–the results remain the same.

That happens with us in life. Perhaps we see no results happening in our relationships. The bank account is still the same. Your place of work is still frustrating you and you find yourself sitting in the same exact place time after time or you find yourself quarreling over the same old stuff. When is it gonna give? When will it break? When will it budge?

You want it to move! You are making choices to make that happen…. and you see nothing. When the “scales of life” don’t budge–neither should you. Just stand in faith because eventually it will not only budge but it will blossom until you reach that overflow.

We just need the diligence and the patience to wait for it.

I have been in the Weight Watchers program for some time now and this is a great program. It just has its moments depending on what I put in. I joined on 10/31 and weighed in at a whopping 170 after having been at better weights than that! I was 134 and fit! I regret my concept looking back because even then I still saw myself out of shape. Imagine that. Workouts of up to 2 hours a day, a steady meal plan and my vitamins to take me through. Just takes a little slack here and a little slack there. Before you know it…all the effort seems lost and I never reached the original goal intended.

I weighed in today at 157 (Weight Watchers scale) for mine says 155. 🙂

That is still some progress. Slowly but surely and bit by bit this weight is going to come flying off. What you don’t see in a week of progress will make a big difference in other consistent weeks and months ahead. Initially starting off to reach a goal you go in strong. All or nothing. You can see rapid results with the huge discipline and determination. Time progresses –we hit that plateau. Now what?

Switch it up. Keep going. Do something while you wait for those results. Doing the same thing over and over is actually insanity. You have to take this beyond the literal. Because you may have a particular “SCALE” in your life that you find yourself constantly struggling with. It just wont budge. It frustrates you. You want to see movement, progress, acceleration and completion of a thing. Just because it is not happening at the moment doesn’t mean it wont happen at all.

Switch it up. Keep going.

Is your attention focused? What are you taking in? What are you contributing? If you want more, the simple answer is that you have to give more! Why keep repeating the same err? Why? What’s it worth?

Some of us never want to back down from our own selfish ways. We want, we want and we want. But what are we giving to make that happen? It has to be more. We have to be continually fierce about a thing. Let it be your new beau, your marriage, your children, your work place, your finances or health. You have to cut corners somehow and pay the price. It is a sacrifice to get to the fruitfulness. Pay the price. There is no discount to your destiny. Unfortunately that will always be full value and sometimes you have to raise the stakes and pay even more to get the best!

I’m not afraid to share those numbers on the scale. All that is testimonial. I hide no results that have taken me to ultimate goals in life. So that effort is known. So even in my worst state, when those have seen my face in the ground in humility and surrender to God–I never even hid that. I made it known. What I always need in my life is God. He is the biggest goal [point to reach] for me. I always searched for short cuts. And that end result was always a cut straight to the heart. No more heart cuts for me.

I surrender all.

When the scale won’t budge, I know I got to work a little harder. I add up what I have lost so far. Now it’s not 36 pounds to goal, it is 23 pounds to goal. Little by little that result will be obtained. My relationships are going to be outstanding! Week by week there is improvement, humility and prayer going constant for that to happen. Month by month our plan for financial domination is taking effect. Chapter by chapter that book is being composed. Meeting after meeting, that seed is being sown into the lives of God’s servants–it will be a huge church. A revolutionary body of Christ, planted in a facility that God ordained.

I see the results. I see them now. I see it happening. When that week of the “non-budge scale” comes, rest assured I know I am going to have the scale keep ticking as I keep pushing aside that plate.

What do you have to push aside? Is it attitude? Behavior? Bad spending habits? Poor health choices? What can you push aside to reach your goal for real? This year–just make that happen.

It is our year of acceleration. Keep confessing Deuteronomy 28 over your life. When you do it right, all the blessings WILL overtake you.

YOU WILL SEE THAT SCALE MOVE! Before you know it. And others will see it too. It will all be worth the wait and sacrifice. Keep it up. Don’t throw in the towel my friend. Pick it up, wipe off that sweat and keep working! Because nothing good comes out of life easy–it is all effort.

Stop expecting the “Expert” to do it all.
Give the “Expert” something to work with.

For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge, and to knowledge, self-control; and to self control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness, and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, LOVE.
2 Peter 1:5-7 (New International Version)

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