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Put the Words of God in Your Heart

TruthI think this happens to us all. The words or actions of people start to penetrate our soul. They start to penetrate our being and our inner peace! Maybe a “friend” is telling you something that someone else said about you, a person saying something against a dream you have or plans, perhaps a boss breathing down your neck and it starts to aggravate you or just hearing something negative that just throws off your whole day. I started to hear some, “Can I just share something with you….” And it immediately started to disturb me. Then I said to myself, “Let the words of God edify you! Put the words of God in your heart!” and I began to feel better. I quickly shifted the conversation to gently let the person recognize that their own words were not edifying me. We have the power to CANCEL OUR CONVERSATIONS!!! Everyone has an opinion, a word, or something they want to say but if it has no truth, if it is unnecessary or unkind – DON’T LISTEN! Don’t accept that and keep it moving. Continue reading