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Ocean of Possibilities


It is just me and an ocean of possibilities. This came to mind as I looked upon a beautiful ocean that seemed endless. I spent another lovely morning at my favorite place in the whole wide world…the beach. I most enjoy these weekend visits to Long Island because I get to rest in such a serene and tranquil place for two straight days. I escape from the busy city, work, home, church, and everything else that keeps me tied up. It is my getaway from all. It is a time for me to recover from life itself.

Mike Shea wrote a phrase in a recovery journal: “When my faith is tested, can it be trusted?” It makes you ponder on the possibilities that are presented before us. In order to walk through those doors of opportunities we need FAITH for real. An unmovable faith, trust, confidence and stillness to wait for the right ones to walk through. Tonight I sat through a teaching given by my husband at our church and I got a little emotional at the words. I reflect upon my own personal story and think… Why does everything have to be so narrow? Continue reading