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Visit To California

California really helped me a lot! It was so needed. So necessary. So vital for me to get out again for a while. It was an amazing 4 day getaway. Spiritual rejuvenated experience. Love and laughter. Family and friends. And just time being in a DIFFERENT place doing DIFFERENT things, hearing and seeing DIFFERENT THINGS!!!

Doing the same CRAZY busy things every day is extremely draining. Internally and externally. I’m tired every day. Pure exhaustion! Fully depleted of any energy and drive. I don’t want to do a thing but love my blanket. I’m walking around like the Charlie Brown character. But mostly frustration, overwhelming frustration. I feel trapped most days from obligations.

Ya feel me?

And I want an escape because then I start to mope and count the losses. That’s not good either. Or I think about what is taking so long to get to a more fulfilling place. I need a real rest so I can do things that not only bring me joy but move to my true calling.

And boredom. Yeah that could have seeped in too. That’s just been my reality on battling with the mundane. I know there’s more. But where’s it been hiding from me? I can’t be doing this day in and day out and not have no joy. I’m not supposed to be frustrated 24/7! No! No! No!

Then came Cali! Wow. Everything I needed right there. Word. Breathtaking scenery. Mountains and trees. Great weather and sun. Shops and walkway streets. It was spiritually blissful to my aching soul. I was able to breathe again.

Take me back.

Most importantly, keep me rejuvenated! People actually like my strange smile. I like it more! I like how it feels to be free INSIDE and not congested with the responsibility of working life.

The 212 conference in San Jose was a purpose and destination. But it became way more than that. It was life again. Drive again. Energy again. Hope again. Resilience again. Birth again. Every message spoke as answered contemplations right from my journal. The unseen tears were wiped away. God was doing it again. Making me feel like it’s a good day again and a good place that I am in.

I shook Bishop TD Jakes hand. I soaked up every word on his night!

Just be who you really are
And be good with you!!!
You are enough!!!!

Inside my heart pushed away the numbness. And I felt those words deep. They were well received by me. Well received!!!! Selah…

Joel Osteen rocked the house with his message on “Designed to Withstand” as it spoke to the adversity we all face. We can move through this triumphantly.

Dharius Daniels reminded the preacher in me to be a water walker and keep praying those powerful simple prayers that I do. It works! It’s heard! I am one of the twelve. I will always be an exception. God will find a way to make an exception for me because I am heading down the humble path He has for me to learn in this journey now. It’s a perfect plan God… let’s do this.

Ron Carpenter reminded me to keep the wonder! To seek God and know that He has given me authority to triumph as well.

And the people I was with— reminded me how nice it was to laugh again and get fired up inside. It was amazingly nice. 9 of us went. 9 lives forever impacted.

I’m never going to forget this LIFE BUILDING experience!!!! Thank you God because you selected me to be somewhere so I can be a part of something out of the ordinary. That was extraordinary. ♥️😇

““Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.” Matthew‬ ‭14:29‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Ocean of Possibilities


It is just me and an ocean of possibilities. This came to mind as I looked upon a beautiful ocean that seemed endless. I spent another lovely morning at my favorite place in the whole wide world…the beach. I most enjoy these weekend visits to Long Island because I get to rest in such a serene and tranquil place for two straight days. I escape from the busy city, work, home, church, and everything else that keeps me tied up. It is my getaway from all. It is a time for me to recover from life itself.

Mike Shea wrote a phrase in a recovery journal: “When my faith is tested, can it be trusted?” It makes you ponder on the possibilities that are presented before us. In order to walk through those doors of opportunities we need FAITH for real. An unmovable faith, trust, confidence and stillness to wait for the right ones to walk through. Tonight I sat through a teaching given by my husband at our church and I got a little emotional at the words. I reflect upon my own personal story and think… Why does everything have to be so narrow? Continue reading

A Friend Loves

A Friend Loves At All Times


I love that scripture, it bears so much truth…

Friends never change with each other
They grow with each other
Time is meaningful, always worthwhile
There is never envy, but rejoicing within
Your never afraid to be yourself
You share what’s on your heart
Trust is present and never any doubt
When they speak you learn even more
They teach you something valuable
Time passes so quick when your with them
Because your not mindful of your clock
Boredom doesn’t exist ever because there is always something to share
Even silence is golden
Just sharing one by one
If time has passed between them it never hinders the friendship
Smiles are exchanged
Love is always present
They encourage one another
And they are not afraid to be weaker
For words to uplift will always spill through Continue reading

I Have A Partner

partnership-woesI have a partner! Isn’t that amazing.  I am not alone. A lie keeps repeating in my head that I have to cancel out so often and remind myself that I have a permanent partner in life that is never going to leave me or forsake me. We are in this together. God has tremendous plans for us.
1 Peter 5:10, “After Your Season of Suffering, God in all His grace will restore, confirm, strengthen and establish you”.

I am thinking about this “new” concept called HOPE. For some time I really lost that. I lost my hope, my love, my passion, my zest and zeal for life. Restoration sounded impossible. Then I kept going despite all the ill feelings I had. Despite all the work it was taking me to salvage up any life that may have been left. But God was right about one thing mainly (as He is always correct)… He wanted to remind me that I didn’t have to look anymore…that I didn’t have to search…that I didn’t have to try so hard but that it was truly a time for REST in my life! I just needed the right partner. Continue reading