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Best Vacation Spots

I was telling my husband that Miami Beach has got to be one of the best vacation spots ever! Water is so blue, breeze is lovely and the temperature is perfect this time of year! We had some beautiful days here.

Top spot is our trip to the UK in May 2017. We hit London, Scotland and Paris! It was amazing. Two weeks of pure bliss and an unapologetic reset for us. It was much needed for the soul. That same year in November I traveled back to Scotland for an unforgettable 8 day trip with my sisters!

But this year as I sit on Ocean Drive in South Beach Miami—Starbucks and light breeze I cannot help but be in complete awe! This is utterly fascinating. Its lovely here. Lots to do and lots to see. It is certainly relaxing and the same time as upbeat and lively for some evening festivities. We love watching the people and the international diversity. Its like a warmer New York only with sand and palm trees everywhere.

We needed a nice time away. As we just celebrated 21 years married and 28 years together during our Vow Renewal 02.21.2020 in Atlanta Georgia. We couldn’t be more grateful, thankful and blessed! We had a small ceremony, that was intimate with our beautiful family and special friends that make life worth it all. We danced, laughed, shared, ate, traveled around and got stuff done together.

Everything came out perfect… our own version of what perfect looked like. It was exquisite, extraordinary and excellent. What a place to have it… we just took the New York cold with us! It rained a lot in Atlanta more than ever and while there it even dropped to upper 20s and 30s!!! On our vow renewal day—it was sunny skies and brisk. Just enough to make it happen! Then we celebrated! We are overjoyed!

Now we head back to New York today to prepare for work and also our “what’s next” steps. We are ready and keeping all this so prayerful. May God open the necessary doors so that our next half feels just like a nearby vacation everyday. Healthy living and happiness. All things are possible. Trusting God because He said it and does all things perfect in its time. ♥️

A Friend Loves

A Friend Loves At All Times


I love that scripture, it bears so much truth…

Friends never change with each other
They grow with each other
Time is meaningful, always worthwhile
There is never envy, but rejoicing within
Your never afraid to be yourself
You share what’s on your heart
Trust is present and never any doubt
When they speak you learn even more
They teach you something valuable
Time passes so quick when your with them
Because your not mindful of your clock
Boredom doesn’t exist ever because there is always something to share
Even silence is golden
Just sharing one by one
If time has passed between them it never hinders the friendship
Smiles are exchanged
Love is always present
They encourage one another
And they are not afraid to be weaker
For words to uplift will always spill through Continue reading

Baby Bella

imageBaby Bella… I am just flying back home to New York from Florida and all I can think now is, “Wow! What an amazing weekend to spend with our family and also get to meet the new addition to the family… Baby Ezrabella!” She is beautiful indeed and a gift from God. Holding her for the first time was such an experience and an immediate outpouring of love.

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward. (‭Psalms‬ ‭127‬:‭3‬ NKJV) Continue reading