imageI was visiting another church for a special service they were having and was so taken by the structure of the building. Shortly after arriving I became so fixated with the high ceiling. As they were doing the altar call, I was brought to the passage in the bible where the men broke through the ceiling just to bring their friend to Jesus the healer.

What these men did in a moment. They heard that Jesus was about doing miracles, signs and wonders and didn’t just bring themselves, but another to be healed. The place was so packed that they broke through the ceiling to slowly lower him into the place where Jesus was. Wow! What a fervency these people had! I think in these days we have become so diluted with our faith that we would not go to such extremes as this.

Are we so settled and complacent in our life circumstances? How far would we go for a breakthrough? Especially when we are in dire need. Would we go to such measures to bypass all… just to get to the feet of Jesus with our petition? Would we spend all? Would we leave it all? Would we push through all?

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